Disaster Resilience and Rehabilitation in Kerala: A Critical Review of CARe-Kerala’s Housing Scheme.

This paper critically reviews CARe-Kerala housing projects, which provided disaster-resilient rehabilitation housing solutions during the 2018 Kerala floods.

Multi-Hazard Vulnerability and Resilience Building Cross Cutting Issues 1st Edition

Chapter : A Working Strategy for Preparedness in Kerala schools: A Suggestive Study by 
Manoj Kumar Kini, and Amrita Vinod

Perceiving the Meaning of Vernacular Architecture in Mattur Village, India

Chapter 2 by Amrita Vinod and Dr. Manoj Kumar Kini in THE 10TH INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR ON VERNACULAR SETTLEMENTS :

Re-Domestication of the World After
the Pandemic: A Re-Visit to the Origins and Manifestations of Domesticity in Vernacular Settlements