Disaster Resilience and Rehabilitation in Kerala: A Critical Review of CARe-Kerala’s Housing Scheme.

This paper critically reviews CARe-Kerala housing projects, which provided disaster-resilient rehabilitation housing solutions during the 2018 Kerala floods.

Multi-Hazard Vulnerability and Resilience Building Cross Cutting Issues 1st Edition

Chapter : A Working Strategy for Preparedness in Kerala schools: A Suggestive Study by 
Manoj Kumar Kini, and Amrita Vinod

Perceiving the Meaning of Vernacular Architecture in Mattur Village, India

Chapter 2 by Amrita Vinod and Dr. Manoj Kumar Kini in THE 10TH INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR ON VERNACULAR SETTLEMENTS :

Re-Domestication of the World After
the Pandemic: A Re-Visit to the Origins and Manifestations of Domesticity in Vernacular Settlements

MS Architecture History and Theory Thesis presentation, May 30, 2023

Archintect-ing as Worldbuilding: Knowing the world through Kaḷiyāṭṭaṁ of Malabar coast, India.

ARCHITECT-ING AS WORLD BUILDING: Knowing the world through Kaḷiyāṭṭaṁ of Malabar coast, India

Kaḷiyāṭṭaṁ is a natureculture1 expression and feeling of the Malabar coast, India. A human- turned-deity, the Teyyaṃ in Kaḷiyāṭṭaṁ critiques the subject-centric and eye-centric worlds. This thesis attempts to illustrate this concept through architectural lenses. In Kaḷiyāṭṭaṁ, subjects are open, continuously overflowing and expanding, blending all virtual and actual entities into reality. Kaḷiyāṭṭaṁ questions the limited reality that polarizes the world into either subjects or objects by othering and distancing the world from the self. This thesis proposes a philosophy of architecture called architect-ing. This term explains architecture as the act of inhabiting a space and mapping different modes of existence triggered by the interactions and relations between the subject (or the I) and the rest. Understanding architect-ing as world-building illustrates architecture-making in Kaḷiyāṭṭaṁ as an emergent, habitual procedural process. Knowing the world through Kaḷiyāṭṭaṁ shows that architecture is integrally kinetic and plural. A procedural architect-ing process builds a more inclusive world by shifting focus into relationships that encourage the co-existence of multiple mutually inclusive diverse realities. (please email me for full-text)