Hello! I’m Amrita

Doctoral student at the University of Pittsburgh
Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
Department of History of Art and Architecture 


I am an observer, thinker, and a student interested in the early human socio-cultural elements, human aspects of “architecture,” and their reflections over the years. Narratives and poetics of spaces that come in between the intersection of landscapes and architecture are the fuel for my research. The narratives and their material manifestations do not cease to exist. I am trying to understand them to know how they are applied, operated, and re-invented within interconnected human-nature interactions. There is no starting point or ending point in any of these explorations, and that’s the beauty of this, I guess.

I have always felt an incongruence between what I experience and what I read. Even though I am not sure how to resolve this apparent double reality, I love traveling and how it works within me, contributing to my exploration both in my life and research (I see that they are both the same!). The curiosity about ‘what architecture is’ drives me forward, and it makes me realize that “my” world is not the only one.

The Process


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